Making Medicines Feel Better

Antares Pharma
Ewing, New Jersey

Relaunched and rebuilt from the ground up in August of 2016. is geared toward the company's main audience, which is investors and, secondarily, physicians and patients who may be interested in Antares' products. Investors needed a way in that led them more easily to the information they need: News and SEC filings, as well as stock prices. This was solved by adding a live stock ticker to the footer of the website on every page.

The website needed a from-the-ground-up approach, including new product photography and graphics, which we handled in house.

Main goals were to strengthen the brand, solidify Antares Pharma's place in the market – evoking confidence, professionalism and, above all, health and healing within the company's demographic. Because this is Antares' corporate website and is primarily geared to investors, there is little consumer or product-based information here. Though this may come in a future iteration of the website.

Launched in Fall of 2018, created along with marketing materials and packaging for this FDA approved product launch.

Antares’ product-specific information is handled by individual websites for each product. We were lucky enough to work with Antares on it's website. Our challenge was in reinterpreting the information that existed on their original website, which was outdated and confusing. To reach Antares' audiences more clearly, we proposed gearing the site individually to each of the three distinct groups that would have their own pathway through the information, and which would be provided with audience-specific information, targeted directly to them. We launched a much-improved website with pathways for three distinct audiences in 2015.

There are vast differences between building a website for a pharmaceutical company versus a website for its products. Legal fine print, many stages of review and approvals and a strict adherence to FDA laws governing phama are many of the hurdles to be crossed.

We are familiar with the process, and have procedures in place to allow us to make these projects easier and less stressful for our clients – regardless of the hoops they may have to jump through throughout and prior to launch.

Projects Include:

Consulting / Planning / Web Architecture
Custom Website Built on Concrete5 Content Management System
Email Marketing – Design and Code

Website Technology Includes:

Content Management System

Direct Feed to SEC Filings

Direct Stock Market Feed

Migration of Existing Website Content

Thorough Review of all Content and Strict Adherences to FDA Guidelines and Restrictions