BRANDING – It all starts here. Your brand is the essence of your business. Your customers experience your brand when they interact with you. It is how they see you, what you provide, and how they feel about it. Every professional business needs a logo that represents its brand in a tangible way, allowing customers to remember and forever associate that logo with the company. Wetherbee Creative can help you develop your brand from baby steps forward. From name generation and taglines to the creation of your logo, we help you express your brand across all media. We even do signage and trade show materials.

CREATIVE STRATEGY – The big picture. Work with Wetherbee Creative on a Creative Strategy project, and we will develop a plan of attack to solve your business goals. Strategy projects address questions such as: Where will your brand fit into the marketplace? How should we talk about your product? What will your customers respond to most effectively? What can we do to elevate you above your competitors? How do we present your company to the world? Wetherbee Creative will provide a cohesive, realistic path for your business to follow, so that you can answer those questions and more.

INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS – A Complete Package. if you work with Wetherbee Creative on an Integrated Campaign we will provide you with comprehensive creative solutions that include graphic design, website development, advertising, branding and creative strategy. This meshing of technology and media allows us to present your company cohesively, and holistically, across a variety of media. Using our combined skills in traditional and new media, Wetherbee Creative will provide you with clear messaging and agency-level marketing pieces that will give your company the edge you need, no matter the channel you are seen.

PRINT – Print is much more than brochures, catalogs and direct mail. Every print project is a problem-solving challenge. What have you tried? What worked? What didn’t? Are you targeting the correct audience? Is your brand resonating?

At Wetherbee Creative we look at the whole picture first. That allows us to deliver a much more successful marketing piece. Pairing effective messaging and impactful imagery, Wetherbee Creative will bring all of your print materials to the next level, and provide unsurpassed creative solutions to your customers and audience.

WEB / MOBILE – Wetherbee Creative has been launching award-winning websites for clients since 1997. Never boring and always custom-designed, our websites elevate our clients online, so they can effectively compete and attract the right customers.

But a pretty website means nothing if it doesn't work, so we pride ourselves in clean code that adheres to web standards – and we make sure that the user experience keeps folks coming back. We build on the Concrete5 content management system allowing you the option of maintaining your website in-house if you choose. Work with Wetherbee Creative, and your website can be as incredible as your business, and as meaningful as your mission. If you prefer to stay with your own platform, we can work with many including: Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace and Wix.

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT – We can build it. Sometimes no matter how great your website is, it needs to do more. That’s where Web Application Development comes in. For more than a dozen years, Wetherbee Creative has been enhancing websites with specialized web applications that can do amazing things for our clients. From customized document libraries, news archives and project databases to specialized, interactive mapping applications, Wetherbee Creative can make your website incredibly powerful. The scope is almost endless...we can customize off-the-shelf products, or build fully customized specialty applications with deep functionality. Let us bring your vision to life.

"SOCIAL MEDIA" has become a tired phrase for a really powerful medium. Entire campaigns can be won or lost using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social Media provides a direct, immediate touch point with an already interested audience... it's a dream medium, and can be incredibly effective. Not every client needs a social media presence, but these days, many do. Wetherbee Creative will launch a well crafted social media campaign, or use social media for ongoing direct-communication with your customer base. Leveraging social media can jump-start a new campaign or enhance your existing marketing plan.

CONSULTING & TRAINING Let us help you navigate the confusing world of marketing your business. Consulting can be a great option. We offer fresh eyes, new perspectives and experience.

Additionally Wetherbee Creative can work with your organization to present, train and educate on specific design and marketing topics. Half-day or Full-Day on-site options are available. Subjects include: Social Media Education / Best Practices, Concrete5 Content Management Skills, Design, Branding and Style, Design Software Training, Marketing & Non-Profit Outreach. Email for more information.

Major Industries We Serve:

Health / Medical


Medical Research


Not for Profit

The Arts




Social Enterprise

Animal Welfare

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Small Business


Recording Artists



Awards and Accolades

2019 Platinum AVA Digital Award for Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market - Boulevard Banners
2019 Gold AVA Digital Award for
2018 Platinum MarCom Award for Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market - Boulevard Banners
2018 Gold MarCom Award for Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market - Overall Branding / Marketing
2018 Honorable Mention MarCom Award for Reno Energy Consulting Services Website
2018 Honorable Mention MarCom Award for Granite State Granola Logo and Packaging - Product Launch
2018 Gold Hermes Award for Packaging / Brand work: Granite State Granola
2018 Bronze Creativity Award - Granite State Granola Logo and Packaging
2018 Bronze Creativity Award - Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market Boulevard Banners
2016 Silver Horizon Interactive Award for
2016 Silver Davey Award for
2016 Silver W3 Award for
2016 MarCom Award - Gold for
2016 MarCom Award - Gold for
2016 Hermes Creative Award - Platinum Award for
2016 American Package Design Award - Award of Excellence for Packaging Design / Music CD
2015 MarCom Award (Honorable Mention) for
2015 Bronze Horizon Interactive Award for
2015 Platinum MarCom Award for Excellence in Packaging Design / Music CD
2015 Silver MarCom Award for Printed Brochure Design / 4-Page, Full Color Slick Bi-Fold
2015 Hermes Platinum Award for Excellence in Package Design / Music CD
2015 Communicator Award of Distinction - Web Design / Redesign / Development –
2015 Summit International Award - Bronze - Web Design / Redesign / Development –
2014 South Carolina Public Relations Society of America Mercury Awards Including Best in Show – Printed Catalog / Brochure
2014 Silver Communicator Award for Printed Catalog / Brochure
2014 Gold Horizon Interactive Award - Web Design / Development –
2014 Silver Horizon Interactive Award - Web Design / Development –
2014 Hermes Platinum Award
2014 AVA Gold Award
2013 MarCom Platinum Award – CD Package
2012 South Carolina Public Relations Society of America Mercury Award - Best in Show – Printed Campaign
2012 South Carolina Public Relations Society of America Mercury Award External Website
2012 South Carolina Public Relations Society of America Mercury Award Printed Campaign
2012 MarCom Platinum Award - Creative Design & Strategy
2012 Gold Horizon Interactive Award
2012 Gold Communicator Award Print Design – Marketing Mailer
2012 Two Bronze Horizon Interactive Awards for Web Design and Development
2012 Bronze Horizon Interactive Award Award
2011 Bronze Horizon Interactive Award Award
2011 Bronze Horizon Interactive Award Award
2011 GOLD Horizon Award Interactive Award
2010 Silver Davey Award for Print – Direct Mail – NHACC Forum Environmental Trifold Mailer
2010 Two American Graphic Design Awards for Print and Website Projects
2010 American Package Design Award – 8 Panel CD Package
2009 Silver Davey for Printed Brochure Design – Dixon Hughes Careers Brochure
2009 Horizon Interactive Award
2009 Horizon Interactive Award
2009 Creativity Award
2007 Silver Davey
2007 Platinum Creativity Award

Wendy also regularly judges design, marketing and web competitions within the industry.