Humane Farm Animal Care
Herndon, Virginia

We worked with Humane Farm Animal Care during the organization's founding years, starting in 2003. We worked with them on their Certified Humane label design, which is still in use today, and can be found on meat, dairy, eggs and poultry products throughout the United States and Canada.

It was a very stringent process, as food labeling projects always are. Adhering to the FDA-driven creative guidelines, including submitting for approval from the FDA and review by their legal board, was part of that process.

During our work with Humane Farm Animal Care, we created the organization's original website in 2004, and several iterations of websites over time. We also worked with them to build a custom “product finder” web application, and several other print and web products over the years.

Though we are no longer working with Humane Farm Animal Care, we include this product because of its importance in animal welfare, its international scope – and frankly, it's a project of which we are extremely proud.

Projects Include:

Logo Design / Branding & Style Guide / Identity

Custom website

Web-Based Applications

Website Technology Included:

Custom-Built "Product Finder" Application