Clinical Repository to Understand, Study, and Heal Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Weill Cornell Medicine / New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York, New York

The MDS Clinical Research Consortium (MDS CRC) is an alliance between six of the nation’s leading institutions dedicated to studying MDS.

We worked directly with Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, New York to develop a logo to brand the Consortium's research efforts, and also create a robust multifaceted website dedicated to this institution's field of study.

The client was very specific about the depiction of the logo elements – so we worked with the ideas proposed by the Consortium and presented them with a logo that addressed these requests. In addition to including the elements of a fist and bracelet, the logo needed to evoke the power to overtake this confusing and deadly disease, and utilize a multicolor, bright color palette.

Projects Include:

Logo Design and Development

Custom Website, Built on the Concrete5 Content Management System

Social Media Campaign and Consulting

The website technology includes:

Content Management System

Embedded YouTube Videos

Video Resources

Social Media Tie-in