Nashua Regional Planning Commission
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Granite State Future was a state-wide community planning and economic development project in New Hampshire which spanned 3 years, and was created to collect public input. Each of the seven Regional Planning Commissions in New Hampshire participated. The three-year project culminated in the drafting of state wide master plan, though it began with a need to engage and educate the public about the project. More importantly, a major goal was to receive the public's input, feedback and opinions, so that the eventual master plan would reflect the will of the people and the vision for the Granite State of tomorrow.

We worked with Nashua Regional Planning Commission to develop a plan to educate the public about the Granite State Future Project, devise a way to collect public input, both online and off, and to provide a way for the commissions to easily access and compile the information collected.

We knew we needed to take a three-pronged approach: 1) Brand, 2) Offline, and 3) Online.


We began with the brand. A strong, New Hampshire centric logo was developed which we could use as the 'face' of the project throughout its active life. The bright and colorful logo brought a hopeful and positive feel to the overall campaign – positioning the brand as approachable and positive.

The first phase of the offline piece was centered around the design of a suggestion box and short-form questionnaire. Questions could be answered quickly and easily and placed in a branded receptacle.

For the online piece of the project, we designed and developed a well-branded, vibrant website, built on an easy to use content management system. Each regional planning commission has its own area on the website which can be accessed independently using specific user names and passwords. The main website is easily updated, and provides mandated information, such as meeting announcements, minutes and agendas, as well as general information about the project, how to get involved, and other pertinent information.

In addition to the general informational website, we built several custom applications to accomplish the goal of collecting input from the public about the state of New Hampshire.

The “Share Your Idea App” focused on collecting online feedback from the public.

The map-based forum application allowed users to explore the state, place pins on the map, comment and give ideas the thumb 'up' or 'down'.

The site launched in September of 2012.


The second phase of the project was to compile all of the collected information into printed pieces, which broke the information down into three volumes.

The Snapshot Document is a large, 96-page document filled with data, infographics, charts, quotes and "Granite State Success Stories".

The Executive Summary Document distilled all of the data into 12 pages, focusing on an overview of the project and results.

The Highlights Document distills the data further into a mostly visual, infographic format to showcase the very core of the project in an easy-to-digest but informative way.

Project Includes:

Branding and Logo Design
Interactive Data Driven Website
Printed Educational Materials
Printed Idea Collection Materials
Printed Suite of Results Materials

Website Technology Included:

Content Management System
Public Forums for Each of the 7 Planning Commissions
Opinion Entry Tools
Database Collection and Reporting with Searchable Entries
Map Based Forum Application
Customized Application to Pull Collected Quotes to the Front End of the Website